CCNA 640-802 course from Hikma Infotech


Planning to take up a CCNA course, then you make sure that you are taught by the experts in this field like us.

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to enroll in this course contact us at: +91 9962085531

Please find the course syllabus below:

Total: 5 weeks, 35 hours
Session 1:
Internetworking with TCP/IP, IP Subnetting and VLSMs
•    TCP/IP and the DoD Model
•    Binary, Decimal Hexadecimal
•    IP Addressing, Subnetting and VLSMs
Lab 1: Logging into a Router

Session 2:
Cisco IOS and Security Device Manger (SDM)
•    The IOS User Interface
•    Command-Line Interface
•    Cisco’s Security Device Manager (SDM)
Lab 2: Configuring a router, setting passwords

Session 3
Managing a Cisco Internetwork
•    Managing Configuration Register
•    Backing Up and Restoring
•    Using Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP)
Lab 3: Backing up and Restoring the configurations

Session 4
IP Routing, Dynamic Routing, RIP and IGRP
•    IP Routing
•    Routing Protocol Basics
•    Routing Information Protocol (RIP)
•    Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (IGRP)
Lab 4: Configuring and verifying Static route, RIP and IGRP

Session 5
Enhanced IGRP, OSPF
•    Enhanced IGRP (EIGRP) Features and Operation
•    Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) Basics
Lab 5: Configuring and verifying EIGRP and OSPF

Session 6
Switching and Spanning Tree Protocols
•    Switching Services
•    Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)
•    LAN Switch Types
•    Catalyst 1900/2950 Switches
Lab 6: Administering and Verifying Switch Configurations

Session 7
Virtual LANs (VLANs)
•    VLAN Memberships
•    Identifying VLANs
•    VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP)
•    Routing between VLANs
Lab 7: Configuring VLANs and Trunk Ports

Session 8
•    DHCPl Router Configuration
•    Standard/Extended/Named Access Lists
•    Monitoring Access Lists
•    Configuring Access Lists Using SDM
Lab 8: Configuring Access Lists

Session 9
NAT and Wireless Technology
•    Types of Network Address Translation
•    Configuring NAT on Our Internetwork
•    The 802.11 Standards
•    Cisco’s Unified Wireless Solution
Lab 9: Configuring NAT and Wireless Network

Session 10
IPv6 and Wide Area Network
•    IPv6 Routing Protocols
•    Migrating to IPv6
•    Wide Area Network Basics
•    HDLC Protocol, PPP, Frame Relay
Lab 10: Configuring IPv6, PPP, HDLC and Frame Relay



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