Friends Blogs

Srivats, my good pal. His blog is a treasure of technical nuggets on varied subjects. Though his blog is titled nothing-to-post, the fact is nothing-left-unpost.


Dinesh! a nice jolly going person, a friend of mine, and a friend of  a friend of mine. No where have I seen a blog that glorifies the Indian nation like he does. Be it the post on Indian Military or his views on the 2G scam, all is said in his unique style.


Balachander, my brother. He is now a Sofware Engineer at Infosys.From Infoqueue to Infosys 😉 His blog, like Srivats’s contains lots of tech nuggets. A must visit blog!


Prakash, one of the mentors of my professional life. I owe my practical programming skills to him. His weblog features some of the softwares he has developed from pure passion towards programming. These softwares have been creatively developed taking into account the simple needs of common pc users.


Raghav is a connoisseur of Apple products. Give him a gadget or an app and  the next time you meet him you would see that he has explored it from top to bottom. I never believed its possible to run Mac OS on Intel machines, until I saw him tame Snow Leopard  on his Intel machine. His blog featurring screenshots of his mac desktop is sure to make you start saving money to buy a mac machine.

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