Buy an electronics item and get malware absolutely free !

Digital photo frame

In a recent thread in many forums , a mention was made about electronics items that come with pre-loaded malware . This was noted in the 1.5″ Mercury Digital Photo Keychain that is $24 . Much to the disappontment Samsung’s SPF-85H 8-inch digital photo frame shipped with a virus .

Amazon reached out to its purchasers with a note warning them as follows(snippet) :  ”  The alert concerns discovery of the W32.Sality.AE worm on the installation disc SAMSUNG FRAME MANAGER XP VERSION 1.08, which is needed for using the SPF-85H as a USB monitor. If you are using Vista or a different version of Frame Manager, this issue does not affect you.  “

These are not the only ones ,last year, a  Trojan Horse virus called Mocmex  found on a variety of digital frames that recognizes and over 100 different security programs, was sold at stores that included Sam’s Club, Best Buy, Target and Costco.This Trojan Horse from China collects passwords for online games.It downloads files from remote locations and hides files, which it names randomly, on any PC it infects, making itself very difficult to remove. It spreads by hiding itself on photo frames and any other portable storage device that happens to be plugged into an infected PC.By studying how the code is constructed and how it’s propagated, Computer Associates has traced the Trojan to a specific group in China

It is a nasty worm that has a great deal of intelligence,” said Brian Grayek, who heads product development at Computer Associates, a security vendor that analyzed the Trojan Horse.

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