PlayStation3 : the sinking ship

PlayStation 3

PlayStation 3

The PlayStation is a 32-bit fifth generation video game console released by Sony Computer Entertainment in December 1994.
PlayStation 3 hasnt seemed to have attracted many and is in bad times. U.S. sales of the PS3 fell 19% last month from a year earlier. Analysts say they expect PS3 sales for this month may  lower than last year, while sales for its rivals are likely to rise.

PS being the core business of Sony, this economic downturn is a heavy blow on it  ! Meanwhile , poor sales of television sets and digital cameras are forcing the company to lay off thousands of staff and close factories.
The PlayStation 2 shattered sales records and was the clear victor of the console war with Microsoft and Nintendo.Despite winning the last generation, Sony finds itself struggling in the current console wars. PS3 is dying !

PS3 downfall could be attributed to follwing reasons :

  • Higher price tag .
  • No one cares that it plays Blu-Ray .
  • Lack of system selling software .

The signs increasingly indicate that Sony can not afford to watch $400 PS3s sitting on shelves much longer.

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