Correct your expressions

This series is published in the tuesday issues of Deccan Chronicle .

Micmanz Language building series

Here are a few mistakes people make when they use certain expressions.

One in the same thing : The correct use would beone and the same thing.” Meaning, identical with each other.

Could care less: The right use would becouldn’t care less.” This means that you don’t care anymore.

Once and a while: This should beonce in a while,” which means it could happen every once in a time period.

This will wet your appetite: The spelling here should bewhet.’ This means it will sharpen or make your appetite keener.

Other misused words are…

Irregardless: There is no such word — regardless is what you should use.

Alright: Should be speltall right’.

Here are homonyms (words that sound the same but have different meanings) gone wrong…

TheirThis is the possessive form of ‘they’.
They’remeans ‘they are

Other errors:

To’ is a preposi- tion, ‘two’ is a number and ‘too’ is an excessive degree.
Similarly, ‘who’s’ is the contraction of who is or who has;
whose’ is the possessive form of who;
your’ is the possessive form of you and ‘you’ll’ is the contraction for you all;
you’re’ is the contraction for you.