Select the right word

This series is published in the tuesday issues of Deccan Chronicle .

Micmanz Language building series

Sometimes selecting the right words can create problems.  Many of us use the words ‘a lot many’ together. Some of us use ‘and also’ together— Today I did a lot many things… My mother and also my sister went to the movies.It is better to write —Today I did a lot of (or many) things. My mother and my sister went to the movies.

Another wrong choice of words is as to whether.
Example: I asked Seema as to whether she would be going to school.It would be better to write —I asked Seema if she would be going to school.

Now let’s look at the words: ‘basically’, ‘essentially’, ‘totally. They don’t add anything useful to a sentence.Do without them and watch your sentences improve. Example: Seema basically loves her dog.(Seema loves her dog). Example: What Seema was doing was totally wrong (What Seema was doing was wrong).

The same rule applies toconsidered to be’. Eliminate the to be and, unless it’s important who’s doing the considering, eliminate the entire phrase.Example : Seema was considered to be the most beautiful girl in our group.(Seema was the most beautiful…).

‘Due to the fact that’ is yet another phrase that should be done away with.In many cases it simply means because. Example: I was unable to attend music classes due to the fact that it was raining (I was unable to attend music classes because it was raining).