Tech in 2008

Still we are not on a  vacation on the moon or  drive flying cars and wear wristwatch-sized video conferencing systems ! Science has not developed to that point but the technological breakthroughs in 2008 show that these are not impossible ! . 2008 has seen a lot of technical advancements, far better than  what was imagined at the start of this year.

  • Microsoft has developed laser technology that can turn any surface into a touchscreen, and allow you to interact with a central computer, even on the internet. This information technology infrastructure means you could be having chat conversations on the kitchen bench while cooking, or reading emails in the shower, before long.
  • Microsoft has developed very cheap wireless sensors that can be used to collect and transmit data, as well as controlling environments.

This is not all ! what follows is a list of major tech breakthroughs in 2008 !

A look back at the open source victories of 2008

  • Mozilla releases Firefox 3
  • Google releases Chrome
  • Android platform arrives on handsets
  • KDE 4 officially released
  • Nokia plans to liberate Symbian
  • Nokia acquires Trolltech
  • Maemo 5 revealed
  • Python 3 slithers into view
  • Mono 2 released, first Moonlight beta emerges
  • Sun’s OpenSolaris lights up

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