SecuROM system in GTA IV


SecuROM is a CD/DVD copy protection product, most often used for computer games running under Microsoft Windows, developed by Sony DADC. SecuROM aims to resist home media duplication devices, professional duplicators, and reverse engineering attempts. The newest versions (v4 and up) prevent 1:1 CD-R copies from being made. Certain programs can circumvent its protection. The use of SecuROM is highly controversial because certain aspects of the protection are similar to functions of malware, and users are not always informed when SecuROM is included with a product. A class action suit has been filed against Electronic Arts for this very issue. Grand Theft Auto IV will feature this  controversial SecuROM 7 DRM system.

”  we invest a considerable amount of time and effort to release each title, and employ a large number of people in the process. Having copy protection allows us to protect the integrity or our titles and future investments… SecuROM is the most effective form of disc based copy protection and allows us to manage authenticity on a global level for Grand Theft Auto IV. ” : Rockstar

You can install the software many times ,but activate it online . Even if you remove the game there will some traces left,especially UAService7.exe service that can prevent some other software from loading. The  developers are working with SecuROM to post support on their help pages on how to remove these traces.


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