“Hacker” : the misnomer

Who is  a Hacker?

There is a common belief(created by media….again),even among geeks  that hacker is a person “who breaks into computers and is involved in mischievous and illegal activities related to computers”. Unfortunately, the above explanation in quotes would better suit the word “Cracker”. Then who is a hacker?

It is best said in the words of  Richard M Stallman.

Richard M Stallman has made it clear many times, “A hacker is someone who enjoys playful cleverness—not necessarily with computers. The programmers in the old MIT free software community of the 60s and 70s referred to themselves as hackers. Around 1980, journalists who discovered the hacker community mistakenly took the term to mean “security breaker.

Freshers.in hacked !!!


Freshers.in is an exclusive careers website on the internet for the freshers who have Just passed out.

Its a job related portal for the Engineering graduates in India . It has now fallen prey to  the HAckers(possibly).Now there is a possibility that the mail you receive from them may try to steal your personal information.

The site has been hacked by a hacker pen-named XXxxImmortalxxXX .

see the hacked  page here . (Warning : If you are using Windows OS, then run a Virus scan after you view that site.Click that link at your own risk . !)

This is one such example of the growing scam that may trap you in some way or the other. Robert Lemos, SecurityFocus , has warned Job seekers to be aware of fraudsters, who spoof in the name of reputed Job portals.They steal your identity and do criminal acts and it will look like you participated in this scheme.So think twice before you post your resume online.

Monster.com outlines many of the dangers of which job seekers should be aware in its Be Safe page.

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