One fine day

All was fine until that day came. Earlier,I have been using pirated softwares in my system(just as every other user in India does) and i had to pay for all that on one fine day. I had downloaded Avast Pro Antivirus from torrents. You can see them all listed here. I dont remember the exact torrent i downloaded from among them. It had quite a handful of seeders and leechers(!) and had no comments on it posted by anyone who downloaded it, sufficient enough for anyone to believe that its a safe torrent. It downloaded well without any problem. I installed the setup file that came with the package, but when i clicked the crack executable my system restarted unusually and suspicion sparked in me. And thereafter my system was terribly affected by some virus and i was in a fix not knowing what to do. Then Linux came to my rescue. I had a dual boot of XP and Mandriva. I logged into Mandriva, installed AVG antivirus and scanned my Windows partitions through the Terminal. Almost all the executable files in XP seemed to have been affected by a worm named Tanatos. That information was sufficient for me to download and install the Tanatos remover software provided by AVG. You can download it(rmtanat.exe) here. AVG for Linux just does the scanning part and no virus removal functions. From then on i decided to make my system free from pirated softwares. And my quest to find freewares equivalent to the commercial editions led to identifying excellent freewares. Some of which I use are:

JZip (an alternative to WinZip and Winrar)

CDBurnerXP (an alternative to Nero)

Avira antivirus personal edition(best free antivirus )

and the list would keep going on …. So wake up and make your system safe and all my thanks to tanatos 😉

Playing .mp4 files in Linux


Now this is a problem which i was facing for a long time in both Ubuntu and Mandriva. I wasnt able to play .mp4 format files . Now i have a solution and  i am sharing it with you. I stumbled upon this simple solution in and the solution was posted by Fabián Rodríguez , whom i appreciate for his different thinking . Now to the solution…

Just convert the .mp4 file into a .ogv file and you will be able to play it in any video player in Linux. 🙂

The conversion can be done by installing ffmpeg2theora and using the following syntax in Terminal.

$ ffmpeg2theora  filename.mp4

the output is a clone of filename.mp4 but with a .ogv extension (say filename.ogv). That video file is playable in a ll video players.

It took me 3 mins (approx) for converting a 18MB .mp4 video file and the video/audio quality didnt get affected in any way.

Mandriva’s simplicity over Ubuntu

I have been using Ubuntu for quite a few years and do admire its simplicity .Still a lot of simple operations neccessiate googling to find out the appropriate device file  to be edited.And  i wonder ,Ubuntu has been recommended for newbies !!!

Now to Mandriva .Ever since i installed Mandriva 2009 i seemed to like it … some inner feeling even before i began to use it.And as i began to use it , i felt that this is the right kind of OS for newbies who migrate to Linux from Windows. It saves time by integrating most of the controls to the Mandriva control center so that developers could  concentrate on the bigger picture.
A typical example i could point out is the case when i installed a software which i mistook for a Mandriva theme.What it did was to change my boot screen (dual boot selection Windows or Mandriva), replacing it with light colored fonts.I tried to find the appropriate file(a default reflex behaviour i was infected with when i was a ubuntuoer) to replace the default screen. On googling i found that this could be done easily by just selecting the required boot screen under the bootoption in Mandriva Control Center.Simply stating , Mandriva is the right kind of Linux distro for newbies in Linux . I would be grateful if someone comes up with a nice guide for Mandriva similar to “Ubuntu Kung Fu” .

Mandriva Control Center