Mandriva’s simplicity over Ubuntu

I have been using Ubuntu for quite a few years and do admire its simplicity .Still a lot of simple operations neccessiate googling to find out the appropriate device file  to be edited.And  i wonder ,Ubuntu has been recommended for newbies !!!

Now to Mandriva .Ever since i installed Mandriva 2009 i seemed to like it … some inner feeling even before i began to use it.And as i began to use it , i felt that this is the right kind of OS for newbies who migrate to Linux from Windows. It saves time by integrating most of the controls to the Mandriva control center so that developers could  concentrate on the bigger picture.
A typical example i could point out is the case when i installed a software which i mistook for a Mandriva theme.What it did was to change my boot screen (dual boot selection Windows or Mandriva), replacing it with light colored fonts.I tried to find the appropriate file(a default reflex behaviour i was infected with when i was a ubuntuoer) to replace the default screen. On googling i found that this could be done easily by just selecting the required boot screen under the bootoption in Mandriva Control Center.Simply stating , Mandriva is the right kind of Linux distro for newbies in Linux . I would be grateful if someone comes up with a nice guide for Mandriva similar to “Ubuntu Kung Fu” .

Mandriva Control Center