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TANCET 2009 un-official ranklist

Counselling Schedule for M.C.A/M.Sc.(5 Years)/M.B.A/M.Sc.(2 Years) Degree Programme 2009 – 10 (PDF)

TANCET ME 2009 official ranklist here .

TANCET MBA 2009 counselling forms being issued !


If you wish to know only about the procedure for obtaining the counselling form just skip the following paragraph and read the Q-A following it .

I was surprised and shocked when my friend called up and told me that the counselling forms for TANCET MBA 2009 is being issued .
Thinking  that i have overlooked the Anna Universitys advertisement in newspapers , i had a look over their (not well designed) website (http://www.annauniv.edu) and found no trace of related notifications . Still surprised by an irresponsible or a lazy act of a top institute in India , i dropped into the college the next day (12th June 2009) . I walked up straight to the enquiry , where ,at first,the response was not  well  . As a result , i had to walk to the other end of the campus , The Directorate of Technical Education (DOTE),under the hot sun . There i wasnt able to find any counters/notifications for issuing the forms . The receptionists in all the offices there were missing !! So i had to walk all the way to the enquiry counter at the other end of the college and enquire the details again. This time , the person over there at the counter apologised for the inconvenience caused and answered all my queries politely.All he did was to send me back to the other end again !! And i did go !!! after an  hour of search , by chance (!) , i came across the person who was issuing the counselling forms .He was sitting in a not so easily seen place and there was not much crowd . No-where in this “adventurous travel ” did i find any directions or procedure or any information  posted in campus about the counselling form being issued  .  Just imagine from the number and type of comments on this post , how informative is the Anna university. I  dont think they even have a helpline number ! In Anna university ,everything is a suspense.  What follows is a set of answers to your FAQs . I cant guarantee the accuracy of the information presented here and i cant be held liable for the same .


  • Are counselling forms being issued in Anna university for MBA and ME / MTech  ?

Counselling forms are being issued only for MBA aspirants ,who have written TANCET . This form could only be used  for attending the counselling for admission under Anna University  affiliated colleges . It seems that a separate form would be issued ten days later  for attending the counselling to seek admission in Anna University.

  • What is the cost of the counselling form ?

It costs Rupees 300 . You should take a D.D. ,preferably in Indian Bank thats in the Anna University campus . DD charges extra.
The DD should be drawn using the information given below :

Tamilnadu MBA admission 2009,
Government college of technology ,

I suggest you to take the D.D in the bank in the Anna University campus .

  • Upto when will the counselling forms be issued for MBA ?

upto 31.06.2009 .

  • When will the counselling forms be issued for M.E/MTech ?

In about 10 days .

  • When will the TANCET 2009 results be announced ?

Expect it on some day next week .

  • Where should i collect the MBA counselling form in Anna University ?

In the DOTE main building .

  • Is it possible to  join Anna University affliated colleges  , under management quota , even if i havent written TANCET ?

Currently , this is a major issue thats in the court . Though the affliated colleges admit you under management quota without a TANCET test score , i dont recommend you to take a risk this way. If you havent written the TANCET exam , then join any Deemed University . I have also received an information that Jeppiar Engineering  College has planned to conduct a Common Entrance Test ( CET )  for admission into Anna University affliated colleges , under managment quota . So do watch out  for any such announcements and comment in this page for the benefit of others .

  • Where will counselling be conducted ?

Looks like , counselling for MBA/ME/MTech would be conducted in Coimbatore .

  • When do the counsellings start ?

I have no idea , but on observing the current situation , i expect it to start in a months time as they are currently busy in B.E admissions(business !)

I was able to gather this information in 4 hours .If there is any mistake in the information provided here , please comment on this page . Do pass on the information to your friends so that they may benefit .


And finally Anna university has posted the TANCET MBA and MCA details in its site :

MBA degree programme 2009-10 :

M.C.A Degree Programme 2009 – 10 :

You can also download the applications from the website of DOTE .

Fees details for M.E. in Government College of Technology , Coimbatore.

note : I came to know from one of the comments on this post ,that the links for MBA counselling form dont have the right form there.Let me point out that i have just linked the form given in Anna university site and mistake/incompleteness  in the form make them responsible.However , i strictly recommend you to get the form from Anna univ. itself in-person. I have no idea about the other authorised centres where the form is issued.

TANCET ME 2009 counselling: First day and my experiences


TANCET  2009 un-official ranklist

TANCET 2009 OFFICIAL ranklist

Counselling Schedule for M.C.A/M.Sc.(5 Years)/M.B.A/M.Sc.(2 Years) Degree Programme 2009 – 10

TANCET ME 2009 official ranklist here .

For all your TANCET 2009 related queries contact 044-2220 3616/ 17 / 18 / 19


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