Minimized apps to appear in Taskbar+mp3 support for Amarok


Simple tips  for the Kubuntu nOOb

(The following tip is based on Kubuntu 8.04)

Q.) How to make the minimized applications to appear in the taskbar ?

A.)Right click on the task bar ->Add  applet to panel ->Taskbar (the default taskbar for window management)

In this way you can add applets like Login/Logout ,Application launcher ,Trash bin etc

Simple tips  for the Ubuntu nOOb

(The following tip is based on Ubuntu 8.10)

Q.)  How to install  mp3 support for Amarok in Ubuntu ?

A.)  First open /etc/apt/sources.list in root user mode and un-comment the following lines

deb intrepid universe
deb-src intrepid universe
deb intrepid-updates universe
deb-src intrepid-updates universe

save and exit .

Next  open the terminal (Applications->Accessories->Terminal)

Execute the following line

sudo apt-get update

Next , atleast one of these commands executed in the command line should do the  final work :

sudo apt-get install gstreamer0.8-mad


sudo apt-get install libxine-extracodec


sudo apt-get install libxine1-ffmpeg

Finally , restart Amarok and enjoy the mp3 songs .

Due to some legal issues in some countries, Ubuntu doesn’t come support for mp3 playback, Java runtime environment, DVD playback and Flash.

Execution of the following command is an one time solution to install the above supports in Ubuntu .

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras

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