Nokia to strike back hard into the smartphone market

Nokia is planning to have a come back with a stronger hand into the mobile market. It has pinned big hopes on Windows Phone 7 OS, which will dominate the Nokia phones in the near future.
Meanwhile,Microsoft has released its new edition of mobile OS named, MANGO. Microsoft too has  planned to become a serious player in the smartphone market, which is currently dominated by iOS powered iPhone and Android powered Samsung smartphones.

This video shows the launch of the first Mango powered smartphone in Tokyo last July.

Nokia is planning for a grand campaign of its upcoming models, which are believed to hit the markets by 2012.

Windows Mango

And to some business statistics….

Nokia managed to sell 16.7 million smartphones worldwide in the last quarter, while Apple has sold out 20 million such devices.

So far, Nokia smartphones have been based on Symbian OS. A quick survey into the mobile OS market shows Android dominating the first place with 48% smartphones running them, followed by iOS holding around 19%  smartphone market and Symbian is only able to make up to the third place.

Do you know?
Stephen Elop is the CEO of Nokia

Follow the leader policy: Cellphone revolution in India

At first it was Reliance group of companies that made possible the scenario which we see today. Just like Bill Gates wanted to seea computer in every home…” , Reliance’s   proclaimed dream of “ a mobile in everyone’s hand.. 😉 ” did succeed. The horrible days of getting charged Rs.2(approx) even for incoming calls were over. I remember as a high school kid i used to observe the craze for  mobile phones infecting everyone. Nokia,Sony and service providers like Airtel made good use of this opportunity and now top the “most users” list. Reliance didn’t persist in its goal,perhaps, because now Reliance GSM or CDMA doesn’t stand in the front line of lock horn competition in the mobile market though they are the trendsetters.

And yet another important revolution was seeded by TATA DOCOMO that introduced the pulse rating concept. The best deal ever of charging a call at 1paise/sec. Other service providers who were indulged in  day light robbery had no other option than to follow suit .

TRAI is expected to come down heavily on service providers who charge too much for sms(even 50 paisa per sms is too much! more on that here). Reliance communications made a quick and clever move  made by announcing two great tariff plans. Either you can send an sms for 1paisa or unlimited sms for a daily rental of Re.1/day. And that sets the stage for yet another revolution in the ever growing mobile market in India.

And in all these cases the ultimate beneficiary is the consumer and thats what we want! 🙂

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Some news from the mobile world

It is time when the mobile giants are trying to do something different and something more to woo their customers .


Motorola ,the American Fortune 100 company ,has joined hands with Pressmart Media (“the world’s online press ” as they call themselves ) to bring live news on-the-mobile to motorola users . Pressmart is based out of Hyderabad and has presence in US and UK. The users can now access the news updates on the go ! All you need is a mobile phone with GPRS connection ! and if thats not enough for you,let me add that this is a FREE service !!

htc_magic powered by Android

Now lets get into a news related to the Internet giant Google ,which has set foot to revolutionise the mobile market.I hope you are familiar about G1 , Googles first mobile based on its Android operating system . Now Vodafone has unveiled a touchscreen HTC Magic mobile powered by  new Android firmware, known as “Cupcake“, with changes based on G1 user suggestion.Some of its features include  : a 3.2 Megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, and GPS. No slide-out keyboard and you cant use any other headphones in it as a proprietorship has been obtained for the  headphone jack  .  A one line sentence, in the marketers voice ,that describes this mobile  ” This is the thinnest, nicest Android-powered device on the market.

Skype in Nokia mobiles

And now to the worlds largest manufacturer of mobile phones : Nokia . It has planned to provide full Skype support on its  N97 handset and subsequent Nokia N Series smartphones. This will allow users to make calls over a 3G or Wi-Fi network without having to pay the carrier anything above their monthly data subscription.Now thats good news for us and bad news for mobile network operators . Skype has been a favourite app of many Internet users and sure they would feel comfortabe with it in Nokia .

Nokia goes ” green “

nokia-recycledIn India, Nokia handsets have largely been perceived as being the sturdiest ones with long-life durability and has managed to sweep across a whopping 75-80% of the mobile phone market in India.Now they have  started going eco-friendly . They have come up with a campaign to recycle e-waste. As a part of this initiative , they have setup 1,300 green recycling bins (Green Bins across Nokia priority dealers and Nokia care centers in New Delhi. Nokia users can dispose their old ” worn out ”  mobile phones here .These used handsets will be reused in manufacturing new products .  If every Nokia user across the world recycled just one unused phone at the end of its life, together we would save nearly 80,000 tonnes of raw materials.

A consumer survey conducted by Nokia across 6500 respondents in 13 countries, including India, highlights that only 3 per cent  recycle their old phone. A majority, 44 per cent, are simply being kept at homes never used.
Others are giving their mobiles another life in different ways passing on their old phones to friends or family or selling their used devices.
Globally, half of those surveyed didn’t know phones could be recycled like this, with awareness lowest in India at 17 per cent and Indonesia at 29 per cent, and highest in the UK at 80 per cent and 66 per cent in Finland and Sweden. Nokia is set to launch all its new products which will be restricted flame-retardants free by 2009.

As market leaders in mobile devices, we have a unique opportunity to make an impact that goes beyond our own business. As responsible leaders, we want to drive best practices in our industry.”  :  D. Shivakumar ,Nokia India VP and managing director . This campaign named “Take back campaign ” will be first implemented in Delhi on a test basis.

Meanwhile , Nokia will also be bringing 40 models with bio-degradable components.It uses biodegradable materials like polylactic acid (PLA) plastics with plant or other biomass-based modifiers in its phones; thereby making least use of non-renewable resources. PLA also needs little energy for its production. Nokia is also planning to make energy saving chargers

We will be using biodegradable phone covers, recyclable battery designs that use less harmful toxic materials and energy efficient accessories for all our forthcoming phones. Already, we have eliminated the use of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) in all our phones…….We are also hopeful of reducing the no load power consumption — the power wasted when a charger is left in a live power socket — by a further 50 per cent by 2010,”  : D Shivakumar, VP and managing director, Nokia India, was quoted telling this to  Business Standard .

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N97- the iPhone rival

nokia N97

Nokia has unveiled its second touch screen phone –N97, as a successor to N96.Its capabilties are  far superior to the 5800 XpressMusic and Nokia calls it the “Mobile Computer ” .

N97 major features :

  • sliding keyboard that tilts out from the side of the phone for typing.
  • 3.5-inch, 640×360 touchscreen.
  • 5-megapixel camera with a better flash,which also records DVD-quality video.
  • 32GB of built-in flash memory.
  • A card slot gives room for yet another 16GB of space.

Design-wise the phone looks  more like Sony Ericsson’s Xperia X1.The Nokia Web browser on the N97 supports Flash and Flash video, something that Apple’s Safari browser doesn’t support.

This phone which  cost 550 Euros, or nearly $700, is considered by Nokia as the perfect rival for Apple’s iPhone.

Meanwhile, Nokia has warned that its market shares may drop again and is already implementing job cuts .Nokia has lost 38 percent of the smartphone market this summer and can pin the blame largely on iPhone 3G’s appearance this July.However, Nokia is optimistic that it can regain smartphone share in particular and expects an overall increase in 2009 helped in part by its first touchscreen smartphone, the N97.