Don’t take it literally

Micmanz Lanugage Improvement series

The English language is full of idioms which we often use without knowing their meanings. Here are a few popular idioms and their meanings…

Bark up the wrong tree: Choose the wrong course of action.

Example: Seema was barking up the wrong tree when she accused Ram of causing problems as Ram was out of town that week.

His/her bark is worse than her/his bite: Her or his words are worse than their actions.

Example: Seema is really a nice person — her bark is worse than her bite.

Bull in a china shop: A person who acts with no tact. Example: Don’t invite Seema over. She’s like a bull in a china shop.

Cat nap: A short sleep taken during the day.

Example: I took a nice cat nap in the afternoon.

Dark horse: A candidate little known to the general public.

Example: Seema was the dark horse in her school’s election.

Donkey’s years: A very long time.

Example: I’ve known Rajan for donkey’s years.