Embedded Terminal in Gedit

Gedit is one of the finest editors available for Linux.

I have been using it for quite sometime and has always wished that it contained an embedded terminal similar to the one in Kate. Little did I realise that it is available in default Gedit installations, until I stumbled upon a blog post on that topic. All you need to do is to enable the Terminal  plugin in  Gedit Preferences. Still there was a catch. Ubuntu did not list “Embed Terminal” option in its plugin list. Searching for a while in Google gave me the following solution.

Install the missing plugin options …

$ sudo apt-get install gedit-plugins

Thats all!

Now you can find “Embed Terminal” option in

Gedit—> Edit—>Preferences–>Plugins.

Check your choice, then enable display of bottom pane(View–> Bottom Pane or just ctrl+f9).

Bingo!! There you see the terminal now. Now you can write code and compile it easily!

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Google Video Chat now in Linux!

Many a time i get defeated on “word-wars” defending Linux, when my friends ask me if Google video chat is available in Linux.
Google video chat is one “must have” feature that Linux users have wished for a long time. The wait is over!. Google has announced video support for Linux. for now, Ubuntu and other Debian-based distros could enjoy the support instantly. Fedora and other RPM-based ditros need to wait for some time(but not too long ;)).

<Here>  is a quick guide on how to get started on video chatting in Linux.

Enjoy 🙂



1.  Digitizor