North Korea’s home-made OS

Following China’s Red Flag Linux, North Korea has has come out with its “home-made OS”. This OS, named “Red Star“, has been brought to light by a Russian student of  Kim Il-sung University. N.Korea has been developing this Linux fork since 2006. Though based on Linux, its interface resembles Ms Windows.Its available only in  Korean language and costs $5. Earlier China had created its own Linux distro  after an anti-trust developed due to Microsofts Venus mismanagement. Microsoft Venus was a project that aimed to enable millions of Chinese who had TVs but not PCs to use their televisions to get online. This project was dropped due to some issues.

The latest news on China’s Red Flag Linux is that Internet cafe’s in China have been forced by the Chinese govt. to switch over to Red Flag Linux, even if they had a legal version of Windows.Obviously questions about spying and surveillance have arisen, with no comment from the Chinese Government.