Major innovation in data storage

data storage

Computer scientists have come up with a new computer memory that could store thousand times more  data than the  conventiontional silicon chips used now . Storage is a critical issue because packing  too much data(or music or images ) into a space to make it more denser and store more data , is like squeezing more strawberries into the same sized supermarket carton . The denser you pack, the quicker it spoils. Next generation iPods would need much larger densities.

The 10 to 100 gigabits of data per square inch on today’s memory cards has an estimated life expectancy of only 10 to 30 years.

Scientists  at IBM have claimed to have come up with a digital storage such as an MP3 player , that could store about half a million songs or 3500 films – and costs far less to produce . So-called ‘racetrack‘ memory uses the ‘spin‘ of an electron to store data, and can operate far more quickly than regular hard drives.

The promise of racetrack memory – for example, the ability to carry massive amounts of information in your pocket – could unleash creativity leading to devices and applications that nobody has imagined yet,” Stuart Parkin, the IBM fellow who led the research, said.