Follow the leader policy: Cellphone revolution in India

At first it was Reliance group of companies that made possible the scenario which we see today. Just like Bill Gates wanted to seea computer in every home…” , Reliance’s   proclaimed dream of “ a mobile in everyone’s hand.. 😉 ” did succeed. The horrible days of getting charged Rs.2(approx) even for incoming calls were over. I remember as a high school kid i used to observe the craze for  mobile phones infecting everyone. Nokia,Sony and service providers like Airtel made good use of this opportunity and now top the “most users” list. Reliance didn’t persist in its goal,perhaps, because now Reliance GSM or CDMA doesn’t stand in the front line of lock horn competition in the mobile market though they are the trendsetters.

And yet another important revolution was seeded by TATA DOCOMO that introduced the pulse rating concept. The best deal ever of charging a call at 1paise/sec. Other service providers who were indulged in  day light robbery had no other option than to follow suit .

TRAI is expected to come down heavily on service providers who charge too much for sms(even 50 paisa per sms is too much! more on that here). Reliance communications made a quick and clever move  made by announcing two great tariff plans. Either you can send an sms for 1paisa or unlimited sms for a daily rental of Re.1/day. And that sets the stage for yet another revolution in the ever growing mobile market in India.

And in all these cases the ultimate beneficiary is the consumer and thats what we want! 🙂

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Some news from the mobile world

It is time when the mobile giants are trying to do something different and something more to woo their customers .


Motorola ,the American Fortune 100 company ,has joined hands with Pressmart Media (“the world’s online press ” as they call themselves ) to bring live news on-the-mobile to motorola users . Pressmart is based out of Hyderabad and has presence in US and UK. The users can now access the news updates on the go ! All you need is a mobile phone with GPRS connection ! and if thats not enough for you,let me add that this is a FREE service !!

htc_magic powered by Android

Now lets get into a news related to the Internet giant Google ,which has set foot to revolutionise the mobile market.I hope you are familiar about G1 , Googles first mobile based on its Android operating system . Now Vodafone has unveiled a touchscreen HTC Magic mobile powered by  new Android firmware, known as “Cupcake“, with changes based on G1 user suggestion.Some of its features include  : a 3.2 Megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, and GPS. No slide-out keyboard and you cant use any other headphones in it as a proprietorship has been obtained for the  headphone jack  .  A one line sentence, in the marketers voice ,that describes this mobile  ” This is the thinnest, nicest Android-powered device on the market.

Skype in Nokia mobiles

And now to the worlds largest manufacturer of mobile phones : Nokia . It has planned to provide full Skype support on its  N97 handset and subsequent Nokia N Series smartphones. This will allow users to make calls over a 3G or Wi-Fi network without having to pay the carrier anything above their monthly data subscription.Now thats good news for us and bad news for mobile network operators . Skype has been a favourite app of many Internet users and sure they would feel comfortabe with it in Nokia .

Users satisfied with Virgin mobile



The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of India or TRAI is the independent regulator established by the Government of India to regulate the telecommunications business in India.

In a recent survey conducted by TRAI on user satisfaction with their mobile service providers , Virgin mobile topped the list , with Vodafone (91.97) and BSNL(91.96) following it in order.Virgin Mobile is a brand used by many mobile phone service providers based in the United Kingdom, and operating in India, Australia, Canada, South Africa, the United States and France; the brand survived only briefly in Singapore. 

The survey was conducted during October-November 2008  to reord  user satisfaction on five broad parameters – pre-sales and sales, network availability, VAS, customer care, and billing.Only five telecom operators out of 11 have met the 90 percent quality of service benchmark.Reliance Communications and Tata Indicom also made it through. 

The average waiting time to speak to a customer care representative of Airtel and BSNL was 4.8 minutes. Idea and Spice customer have to wait an average of five minutes with a Vodafone customer having to wait for 5.2 minutes.

If i had been in the TRAI team , i wouldnt have let vodafone made it to the list.For those who are curious about my anger on vodafone , read this .

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TRAI press release

How Vodafone and Airtel spoiled NewYear !

Thumbs down

This is an article born out of frustration of a mobile phone user from India !

sms will be charged at regular rates on 31st dec and 1st Jan …….

Are you familiar with some sms of this kind ? then , hello ! i am one among you who is irritated by CSPs !!

Vodafone (earlier Hutch) and Airtel are two major Cellphone Service Providers (CSP) in India and they have gone to a very low level of charging for sms on festive days , irrespective of whether you have activated a booster/rate cutter . Vodafone seemed to have been the initiator of this ugly idea and Airtel followed it late .

I feel that my rights have been exploited to some extent ! Let me explain :

If you activate  a sms booster pack to cut down sms charges , then you can send free sms’ for 30 days(as guarenteed by CSPs ) ! but , if i am denied of free sms on any one day in between  (ie. during  festivals), then my sms booster is valid only for 29 days and what if it is  December , when i am charged for sms on 25th Dec and 31st Dec ???You lose 2 days from those guaranteed !!

Ok leave out the “my rights ” part ! atleast basic common sense  must tell the CSP that  festivals are the most important occasions where their customers would expect to send free sms to their friends and family !

I received my all my new year wishes on 30th Dec, lol . My mobile phone inbox was flooded with wishes two days before New Year, all with an excuse that they wont be able to wish me on first day of the year and also on the last day of this year !

Actually i am astonished by these CSPs  attitude of trying  to make  money out of everything ! The good old saying “Customer is God ! ” is no more , its now ” Hey customer ! you do what we say !

Thumbs down to you Vodafone and Airtel !! 😦

If you feel that any part of this post contains  incorrect/incomplete  information  , please do correct me , I wont charge you for that 😉

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