Kdenlive: The video editor of my choice

I just grew interested in uploading my videos to Facebook and Youtube. So I set searching for video editors that I wanted to rip a particular portion of my video and convert it into an uploadable form. Believe me, I spent a day to finally settle down with a good editor. I started out with the Windows platform(Win7). First, I chose the traditional Windows Movie Maker. It didnt work out. My .avi  video had some encoding error so Movie Maker did not recognise it. Then I tried Free Video Dub, which had a very simple interface, but a lot of patience was needed to edit videos. It crashed often in my Windows 7. I don’t know whether it was a compatibility error. Turning on the compatibility option(right click on exe–>properties–>compatibility tab) did not work either. Googling around I found this Pinnacle Studio. It seems to be a famous editor out there, but then it was large in size, took some time to load and crashed often. So it was time to say goodbye to Windows and switch to Ubuntu:) But the pastures werent much greener there initially. I chose the editor that was the choice of many: Pitivi. It is a neat app for Linux, but I found it difficult to edit the video strip on the timeline. Phew! I was almost about to quit, when I heard about Lives and Kdenlive from the Ubuntu community forums. I installed them straight from the command line without any hassle. Lives interface was not user friendly, so I will quit talking about that. Finally, I settled down with Kdenlive. It is a very user friendly app for Ubuntu. It looked similar to Windows Movie Maker, but was more easy especially the timeline editing. I was able to finish my task in 30minutes. I rendered my project as  a .avi video. The size of the resulting video turned out to be 814+ MB, a size that would take long to get uploaded in Facebook, considering my 512kbps Internet. So I decided to convert it into a good quality flv video. First, I tried WinFF, based on FFMPEG. The resulting flv video was 14+ MB in size but had no audio. So I took recourse to Windows. Koyote Free Flv converter did the job neat and at last I successfully uploaded <this> video. so next time you sit down on a video editing project, let Kdenlive be your first choice 🙂


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Whats hot in the grey market? Windows7 !

windows 7


Software piracy is the biggest concern for top software makers in countries like India and China. The former loses about $2.8 billion every year because of piracy.

The current hot sale in the software market is   Windows 7 and those cds are sold for as less than Rs.50 per dvd.The full version of Windows 7 software available with black marketers does not even require a key, which is a 16 character alphanumeric unique number that comes with an officially purchased software. Many customers are cheated by being given the Windows7 beta version and the Windows7 RC(release candidate), which will expire on June 2010 and therein the computers would shutdown every 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, a Microsoft India spokesman cautioned customers against buying pirated software. “The battle against piracy is an on-going one. A recent report by KPMG states that at least 60% of pirated software comes with malware,” he said.

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Approximate cost of Windows 7  editions in India :
Windows 7 Home Basic – Rs. 5,899
Windows 7 Home Premium – Rs. 6,799
Windows 7 Professional – Rs. 11,199
Windows 7 Ultimate – Rs. 11,799

Windows 7 : SMB problem

BSOD attack

In computer networking, Server Message Block (SMB) operates as an application-layer network protocol mainly used to provide shared access to files, printers, serial ports, and miscellaneous communications between nodes on a network. It also provides an authenticated Inter-process communication mechanism. Most usage of SMB involves computers running Microsoft Windows, where it is often known as “Microsoft Windows Network“.

There is a reason why i posted that definition above ! Windows 7 has  a serious technical glitch. Windows 7 has re-introduced the SMB driver, which means that any cracker can gain access to your system remotely and crash it , if it is SMB enabled. Windows Xp, 2k, are NOT affected as they dont have this driver.

This vulnerability has been identified by Laurent Gaffié and he haas blogged it in here .

more technical info here

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Its Windows7 vs Bootcamp

Windows7 on Mac

After a storm comes a calm , but here we have yet another storm. Windows 7, the most awaited successor to Vista got some boos while being tested inside  bootcamp when  Windows 7  run in  MacBook through bootcamp, got its batteries drained out. Running Windows 7 in Boot Camp caused one CNET reviewer’s battery life to fall by more than two-thirds.

Windows 7 has been advertised to be a better alternative to the sluggish , power hungry Vista. Other features advertised are :

  • Will recognize connected devices more quickly and accurately.
  • Will use less memory .
  • Improvements in the kernel.
  • Will offer an improvement in battery life of up to 11% over Vista …. etc

However,this  battery drain at the bootcamp has sparked  concerns among those who have been waiting to buy Windows 7. While some experts are blaming Apple’s Boot Camp drivers , the others point  their fingers at Windows 7 , which has the same code base as Vista.

more on this issue here .

Official pages on this issue here.

Apple misses its mark on Windows 7 Boot Camp support.

No more “autorun” from Windows 7


Microsoft has planned to disable Autorun in Windows 7 , after the increase in the number of misuses related to “auto run” . This , acccording to Microsoft, would be a action taken to maintain a balance between “security and usability“.

However , autorun feature would continue to work with non-writable media and autorun would be disabled for flash drives, removable hard drives and network shares.

The best known malicious software abusing AutoRun is Conficker………This change will be present in the Release Candidate build of Windows 7……………..In addition, we are planning to release an update in the future for Windows Vista and Windows XP that will implement this new behavior. ”  : from Microsoft blog .

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தன்னியக்க    ஓட்டம்  விண்டோஸ் 7 இல் இனி இல்லை

மைக்ரோசாப்ட் நிறுவனம் ,விண்டோஸ் 7 பதிப்பு முதல் , தன்னியக்க ஒட்டத்தை(auto run ) முடக்க முடிவு செய்துள்ளது . சமீப காலமாக தன்னியக்க    ஓட்டம் மூலமாக அதிகரித்து வரும் நச்சு நிரல்(virus) தாக்குதல்களை கருத்தில் கொண்டு மைக்ரோசாப்ட் நிறுவனம் இந்த முடிவை எடுத்துள்ளது . மைக்ரோசாப்ட் இன் இந்த செயல்
பாதுகாப்பு ” மற்றும் ” பயன்மை ”  இடையே சமநிலையை அடைய உதவும் என்று அவர்கள் கருதுகின்றனர் . எனினும் , எழுத விடா ஊடகங்களான குறுந்தட்டு (CD) முதலியவற்றில் தன்னியக்க    ஓட்டம் தொடர்ந்து செயல்படும் என்று அறிவிக்கபட்டுள்ளது  . கழற்று வன்தட்டு(removable hard drives) , மின் தட்டு(flash drives) , பிணைய பரிமாற்றங்கள்(network shares) போன்றவற்றில் தன்னியக்க    ஓட்ட தடை செயல்படுத்தப்படும் . மைக்ரோசாப்ட் இன் இந்த முடிவு நச்சு நிரல் தாக்குதல்களை பெரும் அளவு குறைக்கும் என்று நம்பலாம் .

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