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Got stuck at a boring family picnic and would rather go out and and have fun with friends or just sit at home playing NFS on your computer? Well worry no more…just log on to to get out of the situation.

Getmooh is an automated call back service, which will help you escape a variety of situations by calling you automatically on your phone. You just have to register and fill in the time you want to be called and give your number. It will call you at the right time and play you recorded message which will either instruct you on what to say to get out of the situation, or which will simply give a convincing sense of you being on an important call. So just go ahead and think up all the excuses, because with getmooh at your service you don’t have to be stuck doing anything you don’t want.

Rapidshare alternative

After being annoyed by Rapidshares policy  of  doing anything to make me pay up for its services , i set out on a quest in the vast Internet village to find a good alternative to Rapidshare.

I was surprised to find few  file sharing sites that had no restrictions and which did not prohibit or delay certain the services by categorizing users into Premium users and free users.

First , (earlier known as , a simple and clean looking site that offers an upload capacity of 100MB per file for Guest users and 250MB per file for Free Registered Users 🙂

Other features include :

  • There are no download limits .
  • Download accelerators could be used .
  • Downloads can be resumed.
  • No annoying Ads .
  • No waiting times.

Read their FAQs to know more about them .

Second , .

All free accounts! No Premium accounts!!

This is their motto !

Highlighted features :

  • The  maximum file upload  size is 200 MB.
  • Accepts parallel downloads! no waiting !!
  • No waiting time.
  • And one more special mention about ziddu ,
  • For each unique download, you will get $0.001 !!!
  • Redeemed cash will be transferred via PayPal or Moneybookers once it reaches $10.

10000 Unique Downloads: $10 USD

50000 Unique Downloads: $50 USD

100000 Unique Downloads: $100 USD

500000 Unique Downloads: $500 USD

1000000 Unique Downloads: $1000 USD

  • You will get $0.10 Referral Bonus, when someone joins with Ziddu through your referral link and uploads his first file.

One annoying feature i found in ziddu is the advertisements in their site . Also at times , you are prompted of  a wrong entry even if you enter the correct CAPTCHA code displayed there.

On the whole , i see iFile and Ziddu as excellent alternatives to Rapidshare.

And if you are still not convinced , then read < this >.

Additional readings :

online image editing

Recently i stumbled upon this site on Image editing. Its pretty cool looking .Try it yourself.Its features include Peacock, a special effects creator, and Toucan, a color manager etc.

This sites Phoenix online image editor now includes an option to install a Firefox extension that will allow you to perform screen captures and more.

Advanced Programming in C

UNIX System Calls and Subroutines using C

location :

It is an excellent site for intermediate and advanced C programmers.

The course contents include

  • Using UNIX System Calls and Library Functions
  • Running UNIX Commands from C
  • using execl(), fork(),wait(), exit()
  • Piping in a C program
  • IPC
  • Socket programming
  • Thread programming etc….