Nokia to strike back hard into the smartphone market

Nokia is planning to have a come back with a stronger hand into the mobile market. It has pinned big hopes on Windows Phone 7 OS, which will dominate the Nokia phones in the near future.
Meanwhile,Microsoft has released its new edition of mobile OS named, MANGO. Microsoft too has  planned to become a serious player in the smartphone market, which is currently dominated by iOS powered iPhone and Android powered Samsung smartphones.

This video shows the launch of the first Mango powered smartphone in Tokyo last July.

Nokia is planning for a grand campaign of its upcoming models, which are believed to hit the markets by 2012.

Windows Mango

And to some business statistics….

Nokia managed to sell 16.7 million smartphones worldwide in the last quarter, while Apple has sold out 20 million such devices.

So far, Nokia smartphones have been based on Symbian OS. A quick survey into the mobile OS market shows Android dominating the first place with 48% smartphones running them, followed by iOS holding around 19%  smartphone market and Symbian is only able to make up to the third place.

Do you know?
Stephen Elop is the CEO of Nokia