Major innovation in data storage

data storage

Computer scientists have come up with a new computer memory that could store thousand times more  data than the  conventiontional silicon chips used now . Storage is a critical issue because packing  too much data(or music or images ) into a space to make it more denser and store more data , is like squeezing more strawberries into the same sized supermarket carton . The denser you pack, the quicker it spoils. Next generation iPods would need much larger densities.

The 10 to 100 gigabits of data per square inch on today’s memory cards has an estimated life expectancy of only 10 to 30 years.

Scientists  at IBM have claimed to have come up with a digital storage such as an MP3 player , that could store about half a million songs or 3500 films – and costs far less to produce . So-called ‘racetrack‘ memory uses the ‘spin‘ of an electron to store data, and can operate far more quickly than regular hard drives.

The promise of racetrack memory – for example, the ability to carry massive amounts of information in your pocket – could unleash creativity leading to devices and applications that nobody has imagined yet,” Stuart Parkin, the IBM fellow who led the research, said.

Select the right word

This series is published in the tuesday issues of Deccan Chronicle .

Micmanz Language building series

Sometimes selecting the right words can create problems.  Many of us use the words ‘a lot many’ together. Some of us use ‘and also’ together— Today I did a lot many things… My mother and also my sister went to the movies.It is better to write —Today I did a lot of (or many) things. My mother and my sister went to the movies.

Another wrong choice of words is as to whether.
Example: I asked Seema as to whether she would be going to school.It would be better to write —I asked Seema if she would be going to school.

Now let’s look at the words: ‘basically’, ‘essentially’, ‘totally. They don’t add anything useful to a sentence.Do without them and watch your sentences improve. Example: Seema basically loves her dog.(Seema loves her dog). Example: What Seema was doing was totally wrong (What Seema was doing was wrong).

The same rule applies toconsidered to be’. Eliminate the to be and, unless it’s important who’s doing the considering, eliminate the entire phrase.Example : Seema was considered to be the most beautiful girl in our group.(Seema was the most beautiful…).

‘Due to the fact that’ is yet another phrase that should be done away with.In many cases it simply means because. Example: I was unable to attend music classes due to the fact that it was raining (I was unable to attend music classes because it was raining).

Defence software from DRDO

news source : DC


Defence research and development organisation (DRDO) on Monday announced that it would join hands with private companies to develop software for the defence sector, which would help the country reach self sufficiency.

A. Sivathanu Pillai, chief controller of research and development, said this on the sidelines of the induction ceremony of indigenously built 16 Main Battle tanks Arjun into the Indian Army. This the factory has so far delivered 45 Arjun tanks to the first Arjun regiment, which would handle the newly developed tanks.

Satyam to sack 8,000 employees

news source : DC

dated : 24-05-2009


At least 8,000 employees of Satyam Computers will be sacked from June 1.Notices have been prepared and will be issued to staff from Monday, sources said.

This comes against the assurance of Tech Mahindra, new owners of Satyam, that it would would go for the “least painful” ways to cut costs.

In the last one week, thousands of associates have been informed orally that they will receive the notice before June 1,” a senior associate with Satyam said. Of these, 800 belong to the BPO unit, 3,000 are on the bench and the rest from marketing and HR departments.

The employees have an average notice period of two months and will get their salary for June and July. Most employees have been asked not to come to office from June 1have been informed about the company’s decision to hack at staff numbers due to dwindling business.

The annual assessment report which should be implemented from June has not been taken up, almost confirming that there would not be any increments.

Pope takes to Facebook

The Vatican is to post Pope Benedict XVI’s profile on popular online social networking site, Facebook, as part of an effort to broaden the pontiff’s appeal among computer savvy.

The Facebook initiative will also involve iPhone applications and a new Vatican website, which is slated to go live on the Catholic Church’s World Communications day on May 24.

It follows the creation of a Vatican site on Youtube, the video sharing Internet channel, where clips featuring Pope Benedict’s activities regularly appear.

The Church wants to follow in the footsteps of US President Barack Obama, who used the Internet during his poll campaign.

The pope is inviting us to promote a culture of dialogue, of respect and friendship, among young people,” the Telegraph quoted Archbishop Claudio Celli, leader of the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Social Communications, as especially saying.

Article source : DC