Install JEdit in Ubuntu : How To

JEdit is a simple and cool looking editor designed using Java . The interface is pretty much the same in both Windows and Ubuntu. I would consider it as an alternative for kate in Windows .

To install JEdit in Windows , just download this executable.( 2.6MB)

Installing it Ubuntu is equally simpler .
You can download the .deb package
here . (3.4 MB )

If you are a geek ,who prefers to install it thru’ command line, then follow the steps below :

  • Append  these two lines to sources.list file found in /etc/apt/

deb ./
deb-src ./

  • Run the following line in Terminal
    sudo apt-get install update
  • Now run the following line to install JEdit
    sudo apt-get install jedit

As an alternative to all the above said packages , you are also provided with a platform independent JEdit installer .Its in .jar format.
You can get it here.

Additional Links :

Mac OS X package (  6.5 MB)

Slackware package ( 3.4 MB )

Source code (  1.9 MB    )

Screenshots :

jedit screenshot

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