10 comments on “Finding Node Position,Velocity and Speed in NS2.34

  1. Hi,
    Iam making these changes in aodv.cc and aodv.h to find nodes position and speed but nothing is appearing on the screen, Iam using make clean and make all.
    Could you please guide me regarding this problem.
    Thanks in advance

  2. Thanks for your great efforts.

    Could you please tell us how we can add these information to Hello packet?.


  3. hi
    I have done all d changes given by u including make clean n make all but i cant see d speed on d screen.
    Kindly help

  4. Hello,

    i tried to execute this exaple in order to get the position node but without success.
    i did not get the results in the terminal…

    thanks in advance for your help.

  5. can u help me regarding to my project :fast detection of replica node attack in mobile sensor network using sequential probability ratio test


  6. after making the above changes in the files i am getting this error

    /aodv/aodv.h:291: error: expected unqualified-id before ‘/’ token
    make: *** [aodv/aodv_logs.o] Error 1
    pleas help

  7. I am doing my M .E project in coopreative caching in MANET . Could you please help me in implementing this.

  8. your code is very useful for me to get the node energy and speed dynamically.
    but it prints the energy and speed of the node through which the packet have been transferred.
    For my project,i need to get the energy and speed of all nodE( i.e number of node that we have specified )dynamically.
    plz help me.how can i get the energy and speed of all the node dynamically.


  9. Hello! It is nice to share us! However when I put all codes in aodv.h and aodv.cc accordingly and make clean and make all an error which says ‘get_node_by_adress’ is not a member of ‘Node’.What shall I do? By the way I am using ns-2.35.
    Thank You

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