Make your sentences interesting

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Last week we looked at compound and complex sentences. But you’ll find that sentences have much more that you should know about. The first rule should be not to use loose sentences as they will confuse your reader. Second, remember that the main point you are trying to make must not be in the middle of a long sentence.

Example: With the delicious food and the sheer beauty of the landscape, I have always wanted to go to Goa and to this end I am happy to give up my commitments.

The focus of the sentence here is that the writer wants to go to Goa and he is thus ready to give up his involvements wherever he is in order to do so. However, the reader has already got an overkill of information at the beginning of the sentence that makes little sense until he or she reaches the middle of the sentence.

It would have been better to say — I am ready to give up my commitments in the city and go to Goa because of the delicious food and sheer beauty of the landscape.

Here are a few more sentences.
The Periodic Sentence: Here your main point can come at the end of the sentence. But remember that the reader has to read all of this information without knowing what the conclusion will be. Use this only when you want to write in a dramatic but persuasive fashion.

The Declarative Sentence:
Use this as often as possible to add that extra punch to your writing. This type of sentence states a fact or argument, without requiring either an answer or action from the reader.

Example: Seema’s father is Dr Kishore Sharma

This article is published in the Tuesday  issues of Deccan Chronicle .

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